About The Tutors

Nigel Gilderson

Founder and director of the Brockwell Lido Yoga Centre, has been teaching yoga internationally for the past 15 years. Originally trained as a physical education teacher, his fascination by the mechanics of movement, led him to study with Derek and Radha Ireland, Naryani Rabinovich, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Shandor Remete amongst others. He has developed a unique style of mindful flowing yoga, enabling students to appreciate the internal flow of subtle energy, building strength around an central core. His teaching is informed by his practice of Tai Chi and bodywork and a keen interest in expression through movement.


Chris Gladwell

has studied yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching for 14 years. He began with the Iyengar school, then studied with the Satyananda school with whom he studied extensively and qualified as a teacher, also gaining accreditation as a teacher from the British Wheel of Yoga.

Christopher is also involved in training yoga teachers having assisted on many courses with the Satyananda school and is currently a Diploma Course Tutor and specialist tutor with the British Wheel of Yoga.

He has also studied, practised and taught Massage and Shiatsu for almost 20 years and studied Thai massage. He has a degree in Zoology and a Postgraduate science teaching degree and from this basis has taught Anatomy and Physiology to Yoga teachers, Shiatsu practitioners and many Complementary Therapists.

He has completed training to a high level in both Hypnotherapy and NLP, being a certified trainer in NLP. Currently studying for a Masters Degree in Philosophy, that focuses on conceptions of mind and body from Eastern and Western perspectives.

Christopher brings an understanding and appreciation of the natural awesome potential of each of us as powerful, loving and talented beings to his teaching.


Gill Hurst

teaches yoga rooted in the hatha and ashtanga traditions. She gained her teaching certificate with Richard Freeman in Colorado and has studied under Sharath Rangasamya and Sri K Patthabi Jois in Mysore, India.

Gill began teaching in Brighton in 2004 and moved to Bristol in 2007. She teaches at Bristol Dance Centre, The Berkeley Centre and at Yogasara. She has also taught injury prevention and biomechanics on the yoga teacher training course in the Amrita School, London.

Her teaching provides a foundation for the experience of awareness and insight whilst respecting that each individual has their own personal incentive for practising yoga.

Gill is a physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal medicine since 1998.

She is a qualified acupuncturist and is inspired by the science and philosophy of both East and West.



Yoga Teacher Training

Spring/Fall 2009
London and Devon
Cost £2200

Elements Covered in Course

Anatomy and Physiology
How to Teach
Professional Ethics
Business Principles
Class Planning
Principles of Modification; disabled, elderly, children, pregnancy.
Relaxation, Yoga Nidra



Course Requirements

Evidence of Consistent practice
Declaration of Medical History
Statement of Intent for Taking the Course


About The Course

¤ Number of students on course limited to 20.
¤ Daily experience of teaching small groups, building confidence and establishing personal methodology.
¤ Daily Practice and Study, giving rise to deeper experience and understanding
¤ Appreciation of living in Community and entering into group process .
¤ All inclusive fees.
¤ Accredited certification on completion of first aid course (at your own expense, before or after the course).
¤ This course intends to offer a basic foundation for the teaching of  Classical and Hatha Yoga, without being specifically tied to any school or style.
¤ Minimum 200 hours of study.
¤ Guaranteed personal liability insurance with Yoga Link enabling graduates to teach in health clubs and yoga centres nationwide.




For further details please contact Nigel on the following:

07976 650 886 ¦ 020 7635 5620